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"As I listened carefully to our resident animals over the years, I noticed that many of them longed for a special relationship with a person who cares deeply about them, even if that person is not nearby. The Sponsorship Program was created to benefit both the animal and human partners. Many of our residents now have special friends who not only contribute to their care financially, but who also send love and support for their well-being through letters, prayers, Reiki, and even care packages (optional, of course). As I read the letters aloud to the feathered or furred recipients, I am profoundly touched by the abundance of love and commitment that sponsors give to individual residents. We invite you to participate in the Sponsorship Program, to form a special bond and relationship with one of our residents."

Ulla Pedersen, KSAS Founder and Director

Sponsoring a Kindred Spirits resident is the best way to make an ongoing monthly contribution toward the day-to-day needs of one of the many elderly animals within our care.The animals welcome full or partial sponsorship and any amount is always appreciated. All donations, including sponsorship, are tax-deductible and every penny you give goes directly to animal care. You can select the dog, horse, or bird you would like to sponsor by meeting our residents at the Sanctuary.

If sponsorship appeals to you, fill out the Sponsorship form below and we will contact you. Thank you for your ongoing care and commitment to our old animals.

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Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.

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