How Donations Help the Animals

All donations go directly to the care of the animals and sanctuary grounds. 

We are fortunate to have developed structures, pens and fencing but maintenance and improvements are always needed. Donations also are used for the upkeep and repair of the sanctuary grounds and enclosures. Give us a call to learn about our latest needs.


For the Dogs

  • Gift cards from Critters and Me for KSAS special dog food
  • Joint Care Supplements: MSM, Glucosamine, Missing Link
  • Portable Exercise Pens
  • Dog Beds

For the Horses

  • Gift cards from Bernalillo Feed Store for Thrive equine feed
  • Gifts cards from Critters and Me for supplements
  • Wood Shavings
  • Mineral Blocks

For the Poultry

  • Gift cards from San Marcos Feed Store for chicken scratch feed
  • Straw
  • Fresh Organic Greens
  • Fencing Materials